The nutty boys album Japanese release...the raresest of them all....with 14 page Japanese lyrics/English lyrics booklet


The 2nd rarest cd of them all
French Album Teaser!

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Its ok, I'm a Policeman : Released December 1992 Nils Satis Records CD 003CD,7" 0037,12" 00312 , Cassette 003MC
CD Extra Track Saving for a rainy day
12" Runout groove Message A Side = Expose yourself
B Side = Greed Kills
    7" Runout Grove A Side =Hello Hello Hello
B Side = Somebody Anybody
There is also a Video for this track Which was shown on a late night Music Show called 'TXT'
It was also included on the Nutty Boys Live Video.
The Video was Shot around Knightsbridge (Harrods) and Abbey Road.



Magic Carpet : Released March 18th 1996 Magic Carpet Records CD MCRCS 001 With live breakneck version of Magic Carpet and 12" MCRT001 with magic Carpet Remix.
12" Runout groove Message A Side = Hop Aboard !
B Side = Its all in the mind
There is a Video for this Single, There are a few copies in existence but it was mainly given to the band and friends.
Video main shoot was at Wembley arena on the morning and during the 'Madness' Man in the mad suit tour.


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Its ok im a policeman promo